Our Commitment to You

NAVEX believes how we engage with one another, go about doing work, and make decisions matters as much as the great results we deliver each day. We are committed to creating an environment where each team member feels respected and inspired by other team members and proud of the choices we make, both as a team and as individuals. Our Code of Conduct serves as the foundation in which we operate to ensure our individual and collective behavior upholds our commitment to each team member, our clients, and our partners, each day.

Your ability to feel comfortable approaching your manager in instances where you believe NAVEX’s commitment to this Code of Conduct has not been upheld is important. In the event you feel you are not able to approach your manager, for whatever reason, you are encouraged to visit with a member of our Human Resources or Leadership Team. If you prefer to not share your report in person or feel retaining anonymity is important to you, you are encouraged to share your experience by submitting a report via this web based reporting system, NAVEX4NAVEX. Regardless of the venue you feel most comfortable with, the same commitment to investigate and address your concerns will be taken and no retaliation of any kind will be allowed as a result of the information you share.

How to File a Report via NAVEX4NAVEX and What to Expect

If you believe your experience conflicts with our commitment as described in the Code of Conduct, click on the “File a Report” button. On the next page, you will have an opportunity to share specifics about your experience. Once your report has been submitted, the appropriate team member will review your report details. In some cases, you may be invited to address additional questions to ensure all key information is captured.

If you have further questions about NAVEX4NAVEX, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.